We are all different. Everyone has his own views, tastes and preferences in food. We discuss them and don’t always agree with each other. Somebody is looking for tenderness  in the dish, and somebody for saturation, some people need astringency of a wine sauce, somebody –  spice of meat dishes. So, unexplored facets of culinary art are discovered  in discussions.

We are all different, but, family, that is what unites us, is the most important thing. We overwhelmingly love  our close people and appreciate every moment spent together. The Pokrovsky’s family restaurant is the place where family traditions, originating from eternal values, obtain their sense. Culinary stories for sophisticated public are created there. Stories with sweet taste, spicy plot and hot events. World masterpieces are collected here and the main roles belong to the dishes. The Pokrovsky’s family restaurant – create your story!

Party with us!