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Hotel-restaurant “Stara Guberniya” is a marvelous place, amazing due to its unique character and identity. Once here, you will be taken back to the early XX century and get a feeling of petty-bourgeois atmosphere of a small provincial town. Absolutely everything, every detail, is designed in the spirit of that time. Abundant buildings are in the style of wooden architecture of the beginning of the previous century, surrounded by pine tree-giants. The domestic rich merchant decoration will add to your holiday the touch of calm mood and respectable sedateness. You can relax both in our spacious and cozy rooms and on the summer porch, summer hall or in the summerhouses, enjoying pine-infused air.


Our team will delight you with high quality service and genuine friendliness. Skilled chefs who know the secrets of old Ukrainian and Russian cuisines,  will cook and reveal the unique taste of the dishes of the early 20th century which were popular among important guests in rich merchant houses specially for you.

Efficient and tactful waiters are perfectly knowledgeable about the menu and are always able to recommend dishes and drinks suitable for certain conditions. They keep tables in perfect condition tidily and discreetly, so you can enjoy the power of meal, eating delicious food and enjoying your rest in petty-bourgeois manner in welcoming hotel-restaurant “Stara Guberniya”.


Our dishes will amaze you by exquisite taste and uniqueness – everything is cooked according to ancient recipes of Russian and Ukrainian cuisines, which are kept strictly confident by our skilled chefs. Only here you will be able to taste dishes from true game — the pheasant, cooked in wine sauce, the quail on pumpkin, deer fillet and many other dishes. Hotel-restaurant “Stara Guberniya” — is a truly magic place, where you want to come back again and again, each time touching the history, feeling the greatness and firmness of true traditions. Restaurant “Stara Guberniya” — is the perfect venue for weddings, romantic dinners, friendly meetings, parties, corporate events and family celebrations.

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